The Monnify Dashboard has two modes:

  • Test Mode - when the Dashboard is in this mode, all the features that the merchants engage with are incapable of sending or moving around real money. Test mode has a simulator environment where you can test with various features on the monnify platform without fear of spending real money.

  • Live Mode - in this mode, real money can be accepted and moved around. Any transaction that happens here happens on a real account.

Once you register your business in Monnify, your Dashboard starts out in Test Mode. While in Test Mode, you're able to explore the Dashboard, create, edit, and delete things without fear of messing anything up. 

When you want to accept real payments, you'll need to activate your business and switch to Live Mode. Only activated businesses can enter the Live Mode.

How to Switch from test to live and vice versa

Upon logging into your dashboard, you can be able to switch between your live account and test account by simply toggling the button between test mode and live mode (depending on what you want) at the upper right of your dashboard.  Orange color means you’re on test mode while green color means you’re on live mode, as depicted in the images below.

Test Mode

Live Mode



Whatever you do while in one mode does not affect what happens in the other mode, Only changes made to the general settings affect both.